Quotes from CQC inspection March 2016:

‘The staff recruitment process was robust to ensure the staff employed would have the skills to support people. Staff were knowledgeable about people. They had received suitable training to support people safely enabling them to respond to their care and support needs.’

‘We saw that the service took time to work with and understand people’s individual way of communicating so that the service staff could respond appropriately to the person.’

‘We observed people were relaxed when in staff company. This demonstrated people felt secure in their surroundings and with the staff that supported them.’

‘We observed staff working at the pace of the people they were supporting and not rushing them to ensure safe care was being provided.’

‘Relatives told us they felt their relative was safe and comfortable in the home and had good relationships with the staff.’

‘Staff treated people with understanding, kindness, respect and dignity.’

‘Staff evidently knew people well and had built positive relationships. Family members we spoke with stated they felt the staff knew their relative’s needs well and were able to respond accordingly’